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Personal Financial Management (PFM)
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A key contributor to fleet and family readiness is having a solid financial plan in place. The FFSP has a number of resources that can help you manage your money and inform you and your commands about scams and policies that might affect your financial health. Our highly qualified financial counselors provide:

Personal Financial Management Workshops
Individual Financial Counseling
Command Financial Specialist Training and Support
Preparing Finances for Deployment
If you are scheduled for an extended deployment, chances are family members will need to take responsibility for the household finances. To ease the stress of the deployment, the following tips are offered as a starting point:

1. Gather key estate-planning documentation such as your will. If you need assistance with this, contact the JAG legal affairs office on base.
2. Grant a power of attorney to your spouse or other family member who will be handling the finances.
3. Update your beneficiary designations on your insurance and retirement accounts.
4. Automate your bills, especially if you are a single Sailor.
5. Contact your service providers to cut or reduce any services that are unnecessary during the deployment. This would include things like extended cable, internet, or cell phone service. Some cellular phone companies will allow service members to suspend service for up to 18 months.
6. Adjust your auto insurance. If there is an extra vehicle that will not be driven, you may be able to get a discount if the car is not being used.
7. Get the right insurance on your home or apartment. If you will be renting or subletting, make sure you have the proper coverage.
8. Know the tax-filing rules. You do not have to file taxes while you're deployed to a combat zone, in fact, you and your spouse can file up to 180 days after you leave the eligible combat zone.
9. Build up an extra emergency fund. It is always important to be prepared in the event of an emergency.
10. Create a notebook of key information that may be needed in your absence. An inventory of your financial accounts, how to access them, and passwords should be a vital part of this notebook.

Source: Kiplinger/BBB Personal Finance for Military Families Magazine, 2009, Washington Editors, Inc.
DoD Savings Deposit Program (SDP)
Attention IAs! Do you know how to earn a guaranteed 10% return on your investment?

If you are deploying to a combat zone or in support of a contingency operation, you are authorized to make deposits (up to $10,000 maximum) through the Savings Deposit Program (SDP), and earn a guaranteed 10% interest per year. $1,000 in interest over a year is a pretty good return on your investment!
Financial Resources

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  Financial Management Services
Click Here Websites
  Consumer Sentinel - Military
    Visit this site to file online consumer complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on topics which directly impact military personnel.
  Washington State Office of the Attorney General
    Congress has mandated the three major credit reporting agencies to provide consumers with access to a FREE credit report annually from each of them.
    The Web's leading aggregator of financial rate information, offering rate data and financial content. Bankrate continually surveys approximately 4,800 financial institutions in all 50 states in order to provide clear, objective, and unbiased rates to consumers.
    Official information and services from the U.S. government. Whatever you want or need from the U.S. government, it's on USA.gov. You'll find a rich treasure of online information, services, and resources.
  Washington State Department of Financial Institutions
    The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) regulates the financial services industry to protect and educate the public and promote economic vitality within Washington State.
Downloadable Resources
  Financial Planning Excel Worksheet (.xlsm or .xls)
    Please contact your FFSC Personal Financial Management Program for any questions or assistance with the worksheet. Instructions for using this spreadsheet.
  Personal Financial Considerations - Before & During a Furlough
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