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Navy Housing
NASWI Ault Field  |  800.876.7022  |  whidbey-housing@navylifepnw.com

Your Navy Housing Services Center (HSC), located in the Nor'Wester, serves as a one-stop-shop for incoming military and their families to information about housing options and community resources.

The Whidbey Island's Nor'Wester is located on Ault Field.

  » Visit the Forest City Military Communities website to learn more about housing.
After clearance through the gate, follow N. Charles Porter Avenue to W. Lexington Ave. The Nor'Wester is on the corner of Lexington and Saratoga and has plenty of parking.

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Additional Information
Learn more about Family Housing in the Pacific Northwest:

Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT)
Apply for Housing
Housing Eligibility Information
Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP)
Housing Health & Safety
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)


 NASWI Housing Service Center
 NASWI Ault Field
 3675 W Lexington St
 Bldg #2556
 Oak Harbor, WA 98278
 (360) 257-3331 or
 (800) 876-7022
 Fax: (360) 257-1903
 Monday - Friday
 7:30 am - 4 pm
Navy Housing 1-800-876-7022

Housing Early Application Tool

Resident Energy Conservation Program

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