Kelly Howell: Advance Swim Instruction

Swimming is meant to be fun! Learn at your own pace with private coaching from Coach Kelly Howell on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Bremerton Aquatics Center.  Call 360-627-9283 to leave a message and schedule your swim lesson.

Learn to swim like a PRO!

-Advanced instruction for all levels of swimming

-Ideal for the competitive athlete looking to improve their stroke efficiency

-Specific individualized program for beginners to overcome the fear of water

-Drop time and become faster on your PRT

-Open to active duty, military families, and DOD civilians with base access

-Some of the skills focused on will be:

-Breath work and breathing efficiency for endurance swimming

-Body positioning for all strokes


-Improvement in open water techniques

-Freestyle hand placement for speed and endurance

-Side stroke head positioning for breath efficiency

-Feel more comfortable in the water, even if you have a fear of swimming!

-Everyone can learn to swim, start from the beginning with skills and drills that will have you on the path to success, fast!

-Semi-Private swim lessons available!

-Together, we will build a custom swim program with skills developed just for you.

$28 for 50 minutes of private coaching: $30 ( 2 people at $15 each) for 50 minutes of semi private coaching.

Kelly has coached adult triathletes at Kailua Masters Swim Team, competitive children at Bangor Trident Swim Team, beginner and intermediate youth at Nuuanu YMCA, and special needs youth and adults at Thunderbirds Swim Club.