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Bellingham Comedy Club

The Upfront Theatre Want to get a good laugh in? Take a trip to Bellingham with us to watch up-and-coming comedians! Laughs guaranteed. myFFR #5119011

Command Info Day

Command Info Day First Friday of every Month, 2-4 pm We’re coming to you with all of the great trips and events MWR has planned for you! Check out your work-space bulletin boards for the latest information!

Poker Tournament

Poker Tournament Wednesday, Jan. 23 5:30-7:30p.m. Convergence Zone, FREE We might have a prize for the winner, we might not. Can you call our bluff? Join us at the CZ for a night of classic, Texas Hold ‘Em poker!

PNW Experience

PNW Experience Fri-Sunday, Jan. 18-20 Depart & Return: 6 p.m. Leavenworth, Marysville, Seattle WA, Cost TBD Get out and experience the world around you. Take a trip with us to visit Seattle area, and Leavenworth for the weekend, partaking in events like the Bavarian Ice Festival, TRAXX go-karts, and a trip to the mall! myFFR #5119018

Hot Springs

Location TBD, Cost TBD A soothing, natural, hot tub experience in the middle of the wilderness? That is exactly what to expect from this trip. myFFR #5119005

Bingo Night

Bingo Night Tuesday, Jan. 15 5:30-7:30 p.m. Convergence Zone, FREE You do NOT have to be old to enjoy bingo. Join us at Kegler’s for a friendly night of bingo, food, and PRIZES.

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