Group Strength/NOFFS Class

GROUP STRENGTH TRAINING:  Be ready to fatigue all your muscles (upper & lower body) for stronger more sculpted muscles while at the same time receiving cardiovascular benefits. We will be using the latest in fitness equipment to achieve the hard body you’ve always wanted. This is a low impact class but you’ll surely break a sweat!

NOFFS (Navy Operation Fitness and Fueling Series):  Using the latest sports science methodologies the logic engine for NOFFS combines both human performance and injury prevention strategies, resulting in safer training while yielding positive human performance outcomes.  The exercises used in NOFFS are designed to replicate the activities of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. 

Class Fees: FREE to active duty/reservists, retirees and their family members! DoD civilians: $3.50 per class; $5.50 user fee for DoD Contractor per class; $3.50 for ages 10 – 14 years (child must have gone through a Youth Orientation PRIOR to participating in ANY class.)