Legend of Zelda: Jim Creek Adventures

Adventure awaits at Jim Creek and you are the missing "Link"! Grab your Master Sword and join us on an epic Zelda Adventure where all Triforce skills will come into play: Courage, Wisdom, and Power. Games, activities, crafts and more will prepare you to visit Hyrule, Explore the Lost Woods, Seek Out the Great Deku Tree, and even a Battle with Ganon!  Great things will come if you complete the Triforce over the course of the afternoon, but leave your Rupees at home because this event is FREE!

Volunteers Needed! Please contact 425-304-5363.

Saturday, April 27
Noon-4 pm
Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area, FREE
(425) 304-5363/5315

Make your reservations today! 425-304-5315