Command Fitness Leader Course

Command Fitness Leaders (CFLs) play an integral part in the overall fitness and readiness of Sailors. CFLs are not only responsible for conducting the bi-annual PFA for their commands, but also provide exercise programming and guidance throughout the year to ensure the members of their command maintain physical readiness.

All CFLs must be trained and certified through the five-day Command Fitness Leader Certification Course, which covers the administrative actions and duties of a CFL, basic exercise physiology and nutrition principles, basic PRIMS training, as well as intense, daily gym sessions teaching various methods for exercise programming. Upon the conclusion of this course, CFLs will have the skills, education and motivation to lead the way in establishing and maintaining a culture of fitness for their command and the United States Navy.

TO APPLY FOR THE COURSE, VISIT: and click on “CFL Application,” which brings up the registration on NKO. Click on “CFL Application Process” on the right of the page to view and fill out the application.

For more information or registration details, please contact