The Force was Strong at Jim Creek’s Second Annual Star Wars Celebration

27 Jan 2018

January 27, 2018 by Hillary Collins, FFR Marketing Specialist at Naval Station Everett

EVERETT, Wash. – Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area hosted another exceptionally popular themed event, drawing in hundreds of patrons to participate in numerous Star Wars themed activities. The Star Wars Celebration was held on January 27, 2018 from Noon-4 pm at the Jim Creek Recreation Building and surrounding grounds. 

Upon arrival, younglings started their journey at the Jedi Training Proving Grounds, entering the Kyber Crystal Cave. Crystals found in the Kyber Crystal Cave are essential to lightsaber construction and color. Padawan’s crouched and crawled their way through the mazelike cave in search of their special crystals. On the way, Padawan’s were treated to different scenes from the iconic Star Wars movies.

At the Kyber Crystal Cave exit, each Padawan was given a Lightsaber, Tunic, Jedi Training Log, Autograph Book, and a Stamp Card – All of which were required to complete the Jedi Training.

Outside of the Recreation Building, Padawan’s began their training with balancing on the energy bridge, then onto piloting scooters & Laser Deflection Training, and ending with lightsaber battles. The training helped shape the Padawan’s for their run-ins with the Clone Army, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and many other antagonists. 

During the event, the Mos Eisley Cantina on the second floor of the Recreation Building was bustling with crowds. The Cantina served hotdogs, chips, sweets, popcorn, and soda all free of charge. 

The event ended with Jedi & Sith Graduation, where each Padawan recited either the Jedi or Sith Code and obtained their certificate of training completion. 

This event marks Jim Creek’s second Star Wars Celebration, proving it to be a smash hit. Special thanks to US Family Health Plan for sponsoring this galactic event.

Since 2015, Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area has been surprising guests with unparalleled excitement through event programming, including Jim Creek’s FROZEN Celebration, the Wizarding World of Jim Creek, and their annual Kids’ Fishing Derby. 

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