NEW: Virtual Counseling from the Fleet & Family Support Center

The Fleet and Family Support Center now provides virtual clinical counseling. Sailors and families can access the service from the privacy of their own homes. Virtual clinical counseling is a nonmedical, clinical short-term solution-focused service. It can help with separation, relationship issues, grief, deployment, and other challenges related to military and family life.  

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The Fleet and Family Support Center has been delivering the best support services possible to Sailors, their families and commands around the globe since 1979. 

What is Virtual Clinical Counseling?
Virtual clinical counseling is a live-video conferencing program to bring together clinicians and clients that include Sailors and their families. As with all FFSC programs, virtual clinical counseling offers the FFSC non-medical service and support through video conferencing. The remote clinical counselors are just a click away.

Are there any risks with service?
The Navy takes client safety and privacy very seriously. Before virtual clinical counseling begins, informed consent is discussed between the provider and client. The informed consent process shall include information on virtual clinical counseling services and the expected benefits and possible risks of using the service. With the client’s safety and privacy in the forefront, the final decision is made for the program after a thorough assessment is completed by the clinical counselor to ensure that services can safely be provided virtually.

Who conducts counseling?
The providers are highly trained professionals that will set boundaries for the safety of their clients to include the following:

  • Implement and create a contingency plan in case of technical difficulties.
  • Implement and review an emergency management plan.