Naval Hospital MWR Fitness Center

  - All patrons upon entry to any MWR facility must be in possession of a mask; entry will not be permitted without one. 
  - Expect modifications to facility entrances and exits.
  - Current limited access to Active Duty only
  - This facility will operate with established hours of operation. Unmanned hours will not be available.

Acceptable forms of ID include the following:
- Military ID (includes active duty, retiree and reservists)
- Active Duty Family Member ID
- CAC card that identifies the eligibility of patron, i.e. DoD Civilian or DOD Contractor
- BAVR badges are not acceptable

Key fobs are still required to check-out fitness equipment and to access the Keyport Unmanned Fitness Center.


A Fitness Center located adjacent to Naval Hospital Bremerton. Fitness staff on site to provide limited services.

Take advantage of our free personal strength and weight training program for active duty and dependents. Program includes a fitness and cardio assessment, strength training and evaluation.

Youth Policy

Youth must be 15 years old to utilize the fitness center unaccompanied. Those 10 to 14 years of age must attend a youth orientation session with a trainer to obtain a youth fitness card. This card allows the under-age user to work out in the fitness center while accompanied (supervised) by an adult. Youth cards are issued at the trainer's discretion.

To schedule an appointment for a youth fitness orientation session, call 360-315-2134 (Bangor) / 360-476-2231 (Bremerton) or email