Cyber Cafe

Our Cyber-Café is now portable!

Register, Check-Out, Surf!

Public desktop computers AND laptops are available in The Commons, Bldg. 1950! Check-out a laptop on the second deck of The Commons at Vibes LIBERTY Lounge and use it anywhere in The Commons. Laptops can be checked-out during Vibes LIBERTY Lounge hours of operation.


  • FREE Wi-Fi! No username or password is required to connected MWR Wi-Fi.
  • Mobility – Use the laptop anywhere inside of the Commons, Bldg. 1950.
  • Microsoft Office Suite is available on each laptop!
  • Each laptop has a Common Access Card (CAC) reader.
  • Power cords are available at each workstation at Vibes LIBERTY Lounge if the laptop starts to get low on battery.


All authorized base patrons ages 18+ may check-out a laptop. The user must have a current and up-to-date myFFR account. A LIBERTY staff member can assist with setting up an account for a user.

  • For patrons under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must check-out the laptop and take full responsibility for its use. Underage patrons must be in the parent/guardian’s myFFR household account.

Before Returning

  • Delete all your documents from the laptop and in the Recycling Bin after use.
  • Click the Red logout/reboot button

Check-Out Policy

  • Patron’s identification must be presented to LIBERTY staff member before each use.
  • At no time will a patron be allowed to swap or allow another patron to check-in or out a laptop from another patron. There will be no exceptions to this instruction.
  • The use of Government issued laptops is restrictive and may block access to deemed inappropriate webpages. If you feel a certain webpage/site is not inappropriate, please bring it to the attention of a Vibes Staff Member or Manager.
  • Removal of MWR-owned equipment from The Commons, Bldg. 1950 is strictly prohibited. Abuse of any MWR equipment or property items will not be tolerated.
  • Use of MWR laptops outside of business hours is not authorized. The laptops can be checked out for up to 10 hours (as long as it’s within the normal operating hours of the Commons), and the laptop must stay inside of the Commons, Bldg. 1950.