Bangor Skate Park

Do you find yourself saying "I used to skate"? Well, why did you quit? Get some! Our skateboard park is free and conveniently located on base.

The Bangor Skate Park features mini half pipes, two quarter pipes, a fun box with a grind rail, a grind box and more.

Skate Park Advisory Board

We need your help to guide the direction of our skate parks! You are invited to monthly advisory meetings to give input, provide support and make friends. Please help guide the future direction of your skate park.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Open daily from dawn til dusk.
  2. Skateboard & Inline Skating only
  3. Motorized vehicles & bicycles are not permitted within the designated skating area
  4. Helmets, wrist guards, knee pads & elbow pads are required
  5. No graffiti, stickers or littering
  6. No skating on adjacent property
  7. No outside ramps or obstacles permitted
  8. Please do not move or modify existing ramps or obstacles
  9. Smoking, tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages or glass containers are not permitted in the skate area
  10. Spectators are not permitted within designated skate area

In case of an emergency, call 360-476-3333 or 911.

For more information or to report issues please call 360-396-2449.

Coming Soon "New Bangor Skate Park" in October 2021

Interested in being a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony in October? Please call 360-396-2449.