Retired Activities Office

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for new videos submitted by subject matter experts as part of our Virtual Military Retiree Seminar. Coming in August 2020. 


To start, Commander, Navy Region Northwest Rear Adm. Stephen Barnett gives you an overview of your U.S. Navy in the Northwest region.


The services offered by our Retired Activities Officer (RAO) include assisting veterans and their families in understanding their veterans’ benefits, Social Security concerns, Tricare and Dental benefits, exchange privileges, navigating the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), identification card questions, and any other concerns they may have related to their retirement. The RAO is a point of contact between these members and military agencies and will also liaise with survivors and family members to make sure they are aware of all entitlements and benefits.

RAO has valuable materials on hand to guide veterans and their family members in establishing a personal folder that will be an excellent guide if an emergency situation is encountered.

Veterans or family members wanting to receive services from the RAO, may call 360-257-8054 or 360-257-6432 to set up an appointment.

The RAO is located on the Ault Field Base, Nor'Wester (Bldg. 3675) W. Lexington St. Hours of operation are Mondays, 9 am - Noon.