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Parents' Night Out

Parents’ Night Out 5:30-9 pm Do you need time to enjoy a movie, dinner or just time to run errands without your children? Sign up the Friday prior to the 4th Tuesday of every month. Sponsor must complete registration prior to and advanced reservations are required. $4 per child, per hour. Regatta: (360) 257-6572; Clover (360) 257-3302 This is a 90-Day R&R Challenge participating event! Earn points for a chance to win at the BIG PRIZES! For details on how to participate in the 90-Day...

Fall Colors Hike

Spruce Railroad Trail, $30, $25 LIBERTY-eligible This four-mile trail winds along the shores of nine-mile long Lake Crescent, whose character changes with the weather, but always provides an excellent backdrop to a hike year-round. Register by Thursday, Oct. 18 myFFR #4419293B

LIBERTY Haunted Party

Join us for an evening of Halloween fun! There will be food, games, and prizes. FREE!

Command Info Day

Command Info Day First Friday of every Month, 2-4 pm We’re coming to you with all of the great trips and events MWR has planned for you! Check out your work-space bulletin boards for the latest information!

Guitar: Lesson I

Join us in learning how to play guitar and make some new friends to rock out with. 

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